“The best travel destination in Thailand for sea lovers”

Phang Nga is a province in the south of Thailand where has geographic features of mountains and forests. It is the most beautiful coastal city in the world rated by numerous travel websites. Also, is rich in natural formations such as mountains, waterfalls, caves and places of historical or cultural significance that provide limitless enjoyment for the adventurous spirit.

The most interesting places are natural resources such as Elephant Mountain, Rishi Sawan Cave, and Similan Island. It is one of those most unforgettable destinations that both Thai and foreign tourists come to appreciate, considering the absolute magnificence of the Thai sea that is unbeaten anywhere else in the world.

Phang Nga Weather

This province has good weather all year, travelers should plan their itinerary as follows:

  • High Season: November – March, the weather will improve, blue skies and turquoise seas. It is perfect for holidays.
  • Summer: April – May, is suitable for sun lovers
  • Low Season: September – October, is the best time of year to hike.

District in Phang Nga

Phang Nga is divided into 8 districts.

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