Thai Mueang

It is a district in Phang Nga Province. The name of this district is probably derived from the occupation of panning for minerals at the end of the mining tracks of the people which while panning for minerals, it is said that panning minerals at the end of the city. After a long time, the word panning disappears, and it remains to be called “Thai Mueang” for short.


? Khao Na Yak

Closer to home, Khao Na Yak is the house reef for Khao Lak. Only 45 minutes away by local boat, and with a maximum depth of only 9 m., this is a most relaxing dive and an excellent site for new divers or for those of you who haven’t dived for a while.

Khao Na Yak Reef also appeals to experienced divers who like to spend some time focusing closely on the varied fish life of a tropical reef, with the advantage of a longer bottom time due to the shallow depth.

 ? Thung Samed Khao

Thung Samet Khao Forest, larger than 1,000 rai, with beautiful scenery of golden grass as far as the eye can see. It resembles the one seen in wildlife documentaries on TV: the African savannah. At this point, tourists will go down to capture the impression that once came to visit the savannah which is one of the few that exist in Thailand.

? Remain of The Tin Dredging

Remains of the tin dredge at Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park, Pang Ranger Station 3. Thailand began tin mining in Ayutthaya period in Phuket Province at the mangrove forest. Later, it was wide spread to other region. From the survey at the rainforest in the back of Thai Mueang Sub-district, large amount of tins was found. Therefore, people started mining using labor to dig the mine, and formed the community which still exists until today.

? Thai Mueang Beach

Highlights of Thai Mueang Beach are White sandy beaches flanked by bright blue waters and large, dense green pine trees arranged along the path, it has a very peaceful atmosphere. Because there are no beach activities like Khao Lak Beach because the sea in this area looks like a deep abyss.

Therefore, swimming is strictly prohibited. But even then, it is suitable for walking and studying nature. Plus, there are houses on the beach area and the camping ground of the national park to support tourists who intend to stay overnight as well called rest. Refresh your body with true nature.

? Lampee Waterfall

Lampee Waterfall is in Khao Lampee – Thai Mueang Beach National Park, the waterfall is such a medium size which has 3 levels that high 10 meters for each. The lowest level of the waterfall has a puddle which is suitable for swimming but should avoid the gulch. There is a fertile forest around the waterfall, the path to reach this waterfall is beautiful and natural.

? Khao Kai Nui

The community is above the sea level even though it is not much high but it still be one of the impressing viewpoints of Phang Nga. A dawning is the best time for seeing the beautiful mist view at Khao Kai Nui Community that along toward Khao Ka Pong, Khao Phang Nga and Khao Phu Ta Jor.

The view is the large beautiful view of mist with the huge rich forest. Khao Kai Nui Community prepares the accommodations both guesthouse and tent also restaurants and transporting cars to serve because the traveling by a car to reach the top of viewpoint is quite difficult so we suggest to use the service of the experts instead of using your own car.

? Ton Prai Waterfall

Ton Phrai Waterfall is located in Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Mueang National Park in Phang Nga. It is a tall and large waterfall. There is only one floor.  But it’s very beautiful. Importantly, there is water flowing all year round as well. This waterfall is surrounded by rainforests that is still very rich which will have to go through a nature study path, a distance of 650 meters to reach the waterfall. Along the way, there are many rare plants. 

? Baan Bor Dan Hot Spring

It is salty hot water which flows into the beach that makes a 2-meter puddle. The area around this hot spring is gardened to be a cool and wonderful garden.

There is 65-Celcius degree mineral warm water that flows inside the hot spring and it is suitable to soak for relaxing, relieving joint pain, bones pain, beriberi and maintaining the skin and hair also.

? Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research

Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center. It is located at a 98-Rai (156,800 square meters) area under Department of Fisheries to study, research and develop a coastal aquaculture which is important for the economy such as scallops, oysters and shrimps.

The tourists are able to visit an aquaculture pond such as clownfish, sea bass, and green turtle. Hawksbill sea turtles, blow fish, dragon grouper, giant clams, scallops and abalones. Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center opens every day at 8.30-16.30 without fee.

? Phu Pha Sawan Waterfall

The highlight of this waterfall is the “height” of the waterfall, which is higher than the top of the tree. The water flowed from the steep cliff in a stream down to the bottom of a medium-sized water palace (Can play in the water). The surrounding is a shady sparse forest. Suitable for traveling to relax and swim in small groups. Also around the waterfall, there are many ferns, forests, and moss islands on the rocks. Represents the abundance of this forest.

? Baan Tha Din Daeng Community Based Tourism

The tourist attraction by Tha Din Daeng Community is located at a beautiful rich mangrove forest which is a cape that outreaches to the sea. The activities are to bring a local lifestyle to create the interesting context such as an antique ore rail which shows the prosperity of a mine in the past, the hydroponics vegetables nursery which villagers grow these to be the source of fresh vegetables for tourists’ tasting, A kayaking at the river which around with a huge mangroves forest, and the highlight of the activities is to transport a long-tailed boat to Khao Nha Yak and walk across Savanna field until meet the white sand beach and beautiful indigo sea of Khao Nha Yak.

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