Takua Thung

A district in the Phang Nga in the south of Thailand. The old city hall was in Ban Khai, Tambon Bang Thong, and Thai Mueang district. In 1894 Burmese troops attacked Mueang Takua Pa. Thalang and Takua Thung were the next targets which was downgraded to a district of Phang Nga in 1899.

? Phu Yok Dao View Point

See the magnificent beauty of the sea of ​​mist at Phu Yok Dao Phang Nga’s new viewpoint and camping ground from the top of Phu Yok Dao, you will find a panoramic view of Takua Thung town.

In the midst of a rather cold weather I can tell you that I feel like I have traveled in the northern region that has it all. And the highlight of Phu Yok Dao is the sea of ​​fog in the morning. Along with the first light of the day that shines through this mist into gold, it is mesmerizing, and there is also a sea of ​​stars to watch at night.

? Ao Phang Nga National Park

The Phang Nga national park covers a vast area both onshore and offshore of about 250,000 rai (100,000 acres), covering the areas of Amphoe Mueang, Amphoe Takua Thung, and Amphoe Koh Yao. It was declared a National Park on 29th April B.E. 2524 (1981).

Ao Phang Nga national park, situated in the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand, has long been a popular destination for travelers from around the world. Ao Phang Nga (Phang Nga Bay) National Park covers the areas in Takua Thung district, Koh Yao district and Mueang Phang Nga district.

? Samed Nang She Viewpoint

The unseen tourist attraction of Phang Nga Province is located at Khlong Khian Sub district. Takua Thung District where we can see the beauty of the island Limestone Mountain, Phang Nga Province especially when the sun is rising light hitting the water surface. It’s something that’s really impressive. It’s beautiful, it’s worth taking photos from every angle.

Going up to Samed Nang She Viewpoint Will be divided into 2 points together, the first point is located on the top The walking distance is about 500 meters and is the location of Samed Nang She accommodation. Samed Nang She Viewpoint, the second point, will see various mountain views get closer. The walking distance is about 300 meters only, where this viewpoint will include accommodation (Samed Nang She Boutique) as well as various private tent sites. Let’s open for service as well.

? James Bond Island Phangnga Bay – Surakul Pier

Surakul Pier is one of the main Piers and also considered as the most convenient one for travelling by boat for Ao Phang Nga National Park sightseeing. In addition, it will not take long to reach important touristic spots in the National Park. It is recommended to take a boat down the sea to see the landscape of the fertile mangrove forest.

You will see the Panyee Floating Village, which is built on the small island with a very limited space, pointed out to the sea. Despite of its small size, the village is consisted of a mosque, a schools, as well as restaurants for tourists. Another intriguing attraction is James Bond Island and Khao Phing Kan or Phing Kan Island, which are distinctive-shaped limestone islands that are worldwide well-known as the main setting in the film James Bond 007 : The Man with the Golden Gun.

? Lod Cave

Lod Cave is located in the area of ​​Ao Phang Nga National Park. Not far from Panyee Island. Tham Lod is a limestone island that looks like a gorge caused by the erosion of seawater until it penetrates into a cavity on the other side. It looks like a big cave with a width of about 20 meters and a length of about 70 meters. Inside the cave there are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Ships can pass through.

The main activity of visiting Tham Lod Cave is kayaking or canoeing. Traverses along various islands at each point must go in and out of a small cave and a large cave with the beauty of the cave walls formed by the force of wave erosion to form a strangely beautiful cavity. The surrounding area of ​​Tham Lod is surrounded by unspoiled nature and is well maintained by Ao Phang Nga National Park.

? Ice Cream Cave

This cave is a dark cave with light that can penetrate only at the mouth of the cave…so entering the cave is necessary to bring a flashlight. There are beautiful ice cream shaped stalagmites. At the end of the cave, there is a niche that looks like a narrow door. Opened to the outside, can look down to “see the sea in”, which is seen as beautiful turquoise water. Close to the opening is a stalagmite shaped like a melting ice cream cone, which is the reason for its name.

? Koh Lawa Yai

Just northeast of Phuket is the small island of Koh Lawa Yai. It has a couple of nice little beaches and you can easily walk around the island. The island is just within Phang Nga Bay National Park although it is distinctly different to the other islands in the park as it is a granite based island. Some of the Phang Nga tour boats include this island on their itinerary. If you make your own way there, you may be charged a 200-baht national park entrance fee.

There is no community or fresh water source, the island is a limestone island with reefs on all sides, so beaches appear only when sea level falls. The Highlight of Koh Lawa Yai is its beautiful diving site. A lot of tourists like to rent a boat for a diving trip. Scuba diving is allowed in the front area of the island. Buoys are available opposite to the beach. Tourist can admire different types of coral and some sea anemones. The island is indeed a must-visit for both professional and amateur divers.

? Pi Lai Bridge

Khao Pi Lai wooden bridge located on the beach in the Khao Pi Lai Haad Natai zone, Khok Kloi sub district, Takua Thung district, Phang Nga province, in the past, it was a bridge used to transport tin from the marine mining industry to the onshore ore separation plant. After the end of the tin era in the sea, the bridge was abandoned and decayed over time. After a long time, when the wind was swept away, only the pillars remained.

In addition, Khao Pilai wooden bridge is also regarded as another place of Phang Nga where couples come to take pre-wedding photos when the sun sets in gold over the sky and sea with an old wooden bridge in the background because it has a beautiful atmosphere Romantic and mesmerizing.

? Baan Khao Pi Lai Beach

Located at Tambon Khok Kloi Takua Thung District, Phang Nga, about 32 kilometers south of the district office, has interesting tourist spots such as “Khao Pilai Beach”, a quiet beach beautiful scenery shady with pine trees. The beach has a clear slope and can be chilled in the water and has southern rocks along the line. The highlight is not to be missed, “Khao Pilai Bridge” an ancient wooden bridge that stretches into the sea. This is a popular spot for tourists to take pictures, check in and watch the sunset.

? Raman Waterfall Forest Park

Raman Waterfall Park’s area is 125 rai (around 200,000 square meters). The waterfall comes from the stream that flows through a number of continuous valleys until the stream forms the waterfall with up to eight levels, with water flowing all year round. Almost at every level of the waterfall, there will be a pond where you are allowed to swim.

? Tha Nun Beach

Not far from Sarasin Bridge, before crossing to Phuket, there is a 2 kilometers long beach stretched between the bridge and Chong Pak Phra marine channel (Phang Nga side). Snapping, however, not suitable for swimming, as the beach is quite steep and the stream is quite strong according to the watercourse condition.

? Na Tai Beach

The 2 kilometers long beach full of white sand is stretched along the west Andaman Sea. Its characteristic is the old bridge pointing out to the sea. The bridge, although run down by time, is still beautiful with its color contrasting with the white beach and the dark blue sea.

In Na Tai beach, there are different levels of accommodations for tourists to choose, from middle price to luxurious. The highlight is that the places are peaceful and suitable for people who are looking for an escape from the crowded city.

? Sam Chong Nuea Community

Sam Chong Nuea Community is an old local Muslim fisherman village. It is only a short boat trip from the main land to reach the village. The village is located on the dazzling waterside of the mangrove forest, surrounded by fish cages, sea shell cages, and crab cages, which are important sources of fresh seafood for the village’s restaurants.

In addition, the community has a home stay service for tourists, with many interesting activities for interested tourists to do together with the villagers. Examples of the activities are catching sea animals for food, rubber tree tapping, and tie dyeing. Moreover, there are a variety of souvenirs for tourists to buy.

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