Amphoe Mueang

Phang Nga is one of the southern provinces of Thailand, on the shore of the Andaman Sea to the west and Phang Nga Bay to the south. Neighboring provinces are Ranong, Surat Thani, and Krabi. To the south is the Phuket province, connected by the Sarasin Bridge.

? Phang Nga Bay National Park

Ao Phang Nga National Park was announced a National Park on April 29, 1981, with the area of around 400 square kilometer or 250,000 rai, covering the area of a wide mangrove forest as well as seas and islands of different sizes, starting from Amphoe Mueang to Takua Thung District.

In the National Park itself, there are a lot of tourist attractions. Many of them are ones of the world’s famous destinations, such as James Bond Island, Tham Lod sea cave, and Hong Island.

Tourists can have a boat sightseeing of the beautiful and extraordinary Limestone Mountains. In some islands, there are also many exquisite and remarkable small caves where travelers can have a look inside using small boats like canoes.

? Ton Pariwat Waterfall

 Located in Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary. This waterfall is also called ‘Namtok Song Phraek’ by the locals after its located district. This low-rise waterfall is about a hundred meters away from the sanctuary’s office. Although the waterfall is not very high, the water keep flowing all year round with several natural pools below where visitors can enjoy pleasant cool water. Ton Pariwat Waterfall features two nature trails which are perfect walk ways to see rare plants which grow only in the fertile forests.

? Phang Nga Wildlife Breeding Center

Phang Nga Wildlife Breeding Center, covering a total area of 2544 rai, has opened since 1996.

It is piedmont plateaus with a mountain stream flowing all year through the area surrounded by virgin rainforest.

The Center breeds rare and endangered species of wild animals and some rare plants.

? Phang Nga Museum

Located on Phet Kasem Road in Tai Chang sub-district. Mueang district, Phang Nga. This important historic site was originally established in 1930 (during the reign of King Rama VII as a city hall for Phang Nga. As this building has historical significance of a relevance to Phang Nga, it has been registered as a national heritage by the Department of Fine Arts in 1987. Later, it was renovated to be Phang Nga Museum and has been officially opened to the public since 2013.

? Khao Nang Hong Viewpoint

A steep and complex mountain separating Mueang Phang Nga and Thap Put district areas. It is one of the nicest roads in Thailand with stunning natural scenery where travelers can enjoy the nature and observe the local way of life. At Khao Nang Hong Viewpoint, you will likely be amazed by its lush green jungle backdrops reflecting the abundance and richness of the jungles in Phang Nga.

This wonderful route is popular among cyclists who dare to challenge themselves and enjoy a breathtaking vista of nature. Khao Nang Hong Viewpoint is also the great place which is always ready to welcome all visitors to experience a spectacular and magnificent sunrise in Phang Nga.

? Phang Nga Elephant Park

An outstanding in their ethical treatment of the elephants and offers a rare and informative experience. An experience that really allows the individual to get to know the elephants. The Thai cooking lesson is also very enjoyable and the food that we prepared was delicious.

? Bang Kaew Elephant Park  

This is a small village that maintains the abundance of forests and rivers. Have comfortable weather all year, can bring the car to the place. There are 3 service areas, rafting, canoeing, elephant trekking, elephant show and camping.

?Bang Phat Community

This ecotourism attraction is a fishing village surrounded by beautiful nature and abundant mangrove forests which provide habitat for various aquatic species.

The community also provides homestay where visitors can explore Khao Tapu and Lod Cave (Tham Lod) as well as experience a beautiful sunset and canoeing.

? Baan Song Phraek Vacation Residences        

In the past, this river was a place where local villagers used for tin mining. Currently, it is developed into an area for various vacation accommodation which is an ideal place to get away from /it all the chaos in the city to be amidst a brilliant view of the mountain and river.

There are several activities around the accommodations to offer plenty of fun to tourists such as elephant trekking. Thai adventure ratting, and off-road ATV riding

? Sa Nang Manora Forest Park

The name of this amazing forest park came from a Thai folktale called “Phra Suthon Manora” where seven kinnarees (a half-bird) flew from Kailasa Mount to swim in the pond here and the youngest sister, Manora, was caught into a loop by Hunter Bun who took her to be an offering for Prince Suthon.

Sa Nang Manora Forest Park is located in Mueang District, Phang Nga Province. It is an area of ​​fertile rain forest full of plants such as Champa forest, bamboo, fern, ragweed and many kinds of animals. Sa Nang Manora Waterfall is also one of the most beautiful places to visit. The important thing is that they can swim all year round as well.

? Ra Man Waterfall

Located within the Kao Tun Din National Forest Reserve area, and covers an area of approximately 20 hectares. One of the most prominent tourist attractions in it is the medium-sized Raman Waterfall, whose sources consist of mountain ranges covered with evergreen forests, and the tourist area in this park is characterized by a stream The watershed extends from the watershed down to the valley, and the area also includes nature trails where different types of animals can be seen.

? Sam Cave Archaeological Site

A very unusual rock art site, Sam cave has a long wall covered with large paintings of people. These have no connection or resemblance to the many ancient cave paintings found around the region except that both are made with natural pigments – probably derived from tree sap. These consist entirely of red, white, and black and the lively results from the limited palate are a testament to the great skill of the artist or artists.

? Khao Chang View Point

Its landmark is Khao Chang which is the big mountain in a shape of crouching elephant – the symbol of Phang Nga province.

? Phung Chang Cave

Located in Mueang Phang Nga’s municipality at Wat Prapat Prachimkhet Temple nearby the new city hall, Chang hill is a long hill running parallel with Petchkasem Road, looking like a crouching elephant. At the middle part of the mountain is a cave called Tham Phun Chang (an elephant’s belly cave). At the front there is a Buddha image and a freshwater stream flowing at the entrance. At the back of the Buddha image there is a small cavity 20m, where one can walk inside. Inside the cave are stalagmites and stalactites, at some spots of which, when reflected with light, sparkle like glass frills. The “elephant” hill officially represents the provincial symbol.

? Khao Ma Chu

A nature reserve located in the middle of mangrove forests on the banks of the Koh Panyi channel, and consists of a small limestone mountain with a group of trees covering the corners of the rocks in it, making it look like a poodle lying on the ground, and visitors pass from this reserve through excursions Boats in Phang Nga Bay to enjoy its view and take special souvenir photos beside it.

? Koh Panyi

A small Island with a plain of approximately 1 rai and 200 houses. Most of the dwellers are Thai Muslims, earning their living by Fishing and selling souvenirs and Food to visitors. There is a school and public health center, as well.

Koh Panyi is a small Island with a plain of approximately 1 rai and 200 houses. Most of the dwellers are Thai Muslims, earning their living by Fishing and selling souvenirs and Food to visitors. There is a school and public health center, as well. Boat Cruises in Ao Phang Nga is available from various piers.

? Koh Maipai View Point

There is a Muslim community have a simple life with Having breakfast and dinner, go out to sea and get fish to sell at the market. The highlight of this place is the peace and beauty of the way of life of the people here and the ecosystem around the island.

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