Thap Put

Thap Put District has a topography of forest and mountains, about two-thirds of the total area. There are common plains along the valleys and rivers. These plains are fertile for farming and animal husbandry, rubber plantations and orchards caused by the collapse of the land.

The coastline is characterized by long and indented stripes known as “sea estuaries” and therefore fertile mangrove forests are important for coastal aquaculture. The name of the district comes from the immigrants who called their community “Ban Thap Put”, meaning huts built with thatched leaves or shields and this name has been used since then.

Rat Uppatham Temple (Bang Riang Temple)

It is one of the main temples of Phang Nga, 11 kilometers from Thap Put District. The temple was built on Khao Lan and it is full of mountains surrounded by large trees. The important monuments within the temple include Maha Chedi Bhudhathum Banlue which contains Buddha’s relics inside Phra Buddha Itthi Mongkol Chai (It is the largest statue of Buddha sheltered by Naga Hood in the Andaman). The statue of the Bodhisattva Guan Yin, Luang Pu Thuat’s Mandapa, Somdet Phra Phutthachan To, and Luang Phor Klaay, also sermon hall in a monastery (Ayutthaya architecture), and Rue Suphannahong chapel.


Bang Riang Community Tourism

Ban Bang Riang community has Phra Mahathat on Wednesday, Dharma Banlue as a cultural attraction. There are many natural resources and community activities. Nawat Withi Ban Pak Dan visit my house which is a local wisdom tour. Teak farming and Phra Ajarn Chai Be a religious leader by creating relics to be the center of the minds of the people in the community.


Tao Thong Waterfall

It is the waterfall that flows from the cave known by the villages as “Tao Thong Cave”. In the cave, there is a swamp where tourists can go canoeing and appreciating the nature inside. The water flows all year round. Also, there are swimmable ponds. The atmosphere is cool and pleasant by the shades of different sizes of trees, growing widespread and plentifully around the stream that flows from the waterfall.

Kok Krai Community Tourism

A fishermen-village is along the mangrove forest that develops the potential to become a village of conservative tourism and develops OTOP products alongside. Various tourist activities whether canoeing in the mangrove forest, visiting and tasting fresh seafood from cages around the village, moisturizing body scrub with hot mud spa or watching the red mud crabs which are many small red crabs at the beach of the village. Moreover, the community also has restaurants and accommodations for tourists.

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