The district is on the coast of the Andaman Sea as the northernmost district of Phang Nga Province. Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise): Suk Samran of Ranong provinceBan Ta Khun and Phanom of Surat Thani province;  and Takua Pa to the south.


To the south of the district is the Si Phang Nga National Park. The Similan Islands, the Surin Islands, and the Mu Koh Ra-Ko Phra Thong National Park consisting of the Ra and Phra Thong Islands.

? Surin Islands National Park

Surin Islands National Park is located in the Andaman Sea on the oceanic border of Burma and approximately 60 km. away from Khura Buri Pier. This archipelago consists of five islands: Surin Nuea Island, Surin Tai Island, Ri Island
(Stork Island), Khai Island (Torrinla Island), andKlang Island (Pachumba Island). The National Park covers 135 square km.

You can enjoy the paradise of fine white sandy beaches and shimmering crystal-clear water. It also offers an amazing snorkeling tour adventure to explore extensive shallow coral reefs and a variety of marine animals. The National Park continues to be a great place for finding countless varieties of wildlife and abundant bird life. For those who fall in love with cultural tourism, you can visit Morgan Village to see their interesting living traditions.

? Similan Islands National Park

Similan Islands are at the top of the list of best island destinations in the world, covering an area of 80,000 Rai in the heart of Andaman Sea. Similan Islands National Park is composed of nine islands aligning from south to north. The word “Similan” is derived from Melayu language which means “nine”.

The landscape of the Similan Islands is a feast for the eyes, both above and underwater. This is such a real paradise on earth for both divers and snorkelers to get up close to stunning coral reefs, rare species of fish such as manta rays, whales, dolphins, moray eels, clownfish, and other various marine life. You can also spend a night on the Island No.4 and 8 in tents and bungalows maintained by the National Park. Similan Islands open from November to May and close for the rest of the year.

? Tam Nang Waterfall

Tam Nang Watertall, located in the area of Sri Phang Nga National Park, is a 60-metre-high beautiful waterfall descending from a high rock cliff into the large plunge pool below which is a great place for swimming. From the National Park Office, you can drive for about 1.5 km, then walk past a natural pond full of Mahseer barb for another 500 meters, and you will reach Tam Nang Waterfall.

In this area, you will find some nature trails where you can enjoy the serene beauty, have closer contact with the nature, and explore rich forest ecosystems, a habitat for an abundance of wildlife and a wide variety of birds. If you love watching birds, this is a hidden paradise you should not miss! Sri Phang Nga National Park accommodation offers bungalows and campsites for those who want to stay overnight in the National Park.

? Water Onion Plant at Khlong Ta Luean

Water Onion is a beautiful and rarest aquatic plant with its white flower buds rising above the water, Water Onion gives off a sweet pleasant smell when it blooms. The most beautiful spot to admire this flower is at Khlong Ta Luean, Khura sub-district. Khura Buri district, Phang Nga province. This plant is native to the Andaman coastal provinces in Thailand. Currently, only 1% of this endangered flora can be found scattered. So, Water Onion is included in the IUCN Red, list as an endangered species in 2011.

Water Onion is ready to blossom during its flowering period during October-December every year. At Khlong Ta Luan, Water Onion is found along the banks of running stream surrounded by a shady garden. Around the area, there are labels presenting the amazing information of Water Onion for visitors.

? Tarn Morakot

Beautiful clear canal likes an emerald of Nang Yon canal, Khura Buri which is a natural fascinating tourist attraction. A canal is a mix of big and small rocks as a floor with clear clean water until you can see a quite shallow floor obviously and the emerald in the middle of the canal as it’s called “Tarn Morakot”.

The highlight of visiting Tarn Morakot is a bamboo rafting at the most beautiful part of a canal which is 3 kilometers long, a rafting spends 1 hour at a beautiful stream and some parts of tides are slow with the relaxing atmosphere besides, some parts flow speedily to make an exciting as well. Both sides are full of natural wonderful woods and peaceful also.

? Thalay Wak Nuat Mungkon

Between Ra Island and Phra Thong Island, Khura Buri has an interesting tourist attraction which hides under the sea when the tides ebb, a dune will appear for 3 kilometers long. The tourists can travel around there, the sands at Thalay Wak Nuat Mungkon are soft to comfort your feet and these are so long boundlessly as standing at the middle of the sea.

Spending only 10 minutes to reach there by a boat from Kuraburi Pier, tourists should ask the suitable time of visiting Thalay Wak Nuat Mungkon for planning the most impressive.

? Phra Tong Island

It is 2 km. far away from a shore which is the biggest island in Phang Nga province and the 5th biggest island in Thailand. It was made from corals that were heaped for million years, then it became the outstanding island that flat which is a unique characteristic of this island.

The east abounds with mangroves, the west is a beach and the middle of the island is a large meadow with Cajeput trees that scatter perfectly. There are accommodations and restaurants for serving the activities also such as camping, riding, Savanna sightseeing, swimming, and sunbath. According to it takes too long to reach there, so overnight-staying is suggested.

? Ban Thung Nang Dam Community

Ban Thung Nang Dam coastal fishing village is surrounded with a beautiful wetland, there is a beach in front of the island that approves to the open-sea. The island is so diverse nature such as the sand beach which parallels with beefwood trees, Savanna meadow, a large wetland, and a beautiful curved mangrove.

There are activities such as canoeing at a fertile mangrove canal, corals and sea grass sightseeing also swimming, island sightseeing, and catching squids. Homestays are also prepared to serve tourists.

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