Memories Beach Bar Skate Park

If anyone is looking for a connection between land surf and sea surf, this Memories Skate Park is the answer. You can feel the good atmosphere and can play surf both on land and at sea, all in one place. Moreover, you’ll also get a chance to see the surfer’s styles of playing on a board above the waves. One of them is ‘Nong Nai’ Nattakorn Saeiew, who recently won a double from the SAT Phuket Invitation 2021 Youth Skating Championships and the 2021 Thailand Surfing Championship 2021 Youth Surfing Championship which is a student of Pakarang Surf School. If anyone wants to learn like a true surfer, this school is also open for teaching too.

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91 Moo 1, Bangkruay, Bangkruay, Nonthaburi, 11130 Thailand

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