Bangsak Beach Skate Park by Garang

You can call this place as the backflip, which is Phang Nga’s first surf skating rink. The distinctiveness of the red court surface is decorated with coral patterns to match the atmosphere of Bangsak Beach. It’s also unique like no other. Back to the beginning, the backflip was created out of the owner’s personal preferences, with a surfer designed to simulate wave ramp surfing. Moreover, to look more extreme, this place is decorated with a mini bowl and the creation of flow from the wave ramp down the flat. Near to the stadium, there is a stylish cafĂ©, Garang Artisan Ice-cream, which serves a variety of homemade ice creams which are local features such as salted egg tofu ice cream, Phu Nga pineapple, along with many snacks and beverages to cool down from surfing and skating.

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