“Phan Nga Vegetarian Festival” Oct 14-16, 2023

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phangnga office invites you to recharge your body, your mind and your soul at Phangnga province.

🧨“Phangnga Vegetarian festival
14 – 23 October 2023”🥗🥢

🙏🏻Guided by faith, Guided through routes, dressed in white, indulge into legends about miracles and power of gods. The charm in traditional rituals will increase your luck with firecrackers of faith. Let’s welcome different parades with impressive styles. Let’s taste a variety of traditional dishes, including vegetables and noodles in Phangnga Vegetarian festival for 9 days and 9 nights.🍽️🥬🥕🍆🥒

🙏🏻Be part of faith of Phangnga people in a ceremony to raise the Koteng pole, symbolizing the beginning of the festival, eat vegetables. Be delighted by the great procession of Buddha image in the ceremony. Additionally join the event of gods reception around the city, drive out the evil spirit in exorcism ceremony and send the gods back to heaven. Enhance the life power, pay homage to the gods and pay homage to the 7 stars to increase luck and auspiciousness of life across various shrines in Phangnga province.🧨

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